Beach house Bottlecap art
We turn Bottlecaps into UNIQUE AND PERSONALIZED GIFTS that are works of art just for you

"Mad Caps"

      Fish are carved and painted to resemble the species you choose. Bottle caps are chosen to match the colors of the fish and their markings. Fish sizes average about 2 feet. Each species is researched and color variations exist within the species.


Large game fish such as Rockfish or Tuna are $300 and about 3 feet in length.

36 inch Speckled trout $300  36 inch Yellowfin Tuna $300 36 inch Rockfish $300 

Special order Sailfish or Blue Marlin are $500 and about 5 feet in length.
60 inch Sailfish $500 60 inch Blue Marlin $500
*Shipping costs on fish may vary greatly due to the possible need for specialized crating if the fins or projections are large.

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