Beach house Bottlecap art
We turn Bottlecaps into UNIQUE AND PERSONALIZED GIFTS that are works of art just for you

About Us
a "tag team" approach to art

We are husband and wife team who have always enjoyed making gifts for friends. While touring a local beachside gift shop, we saw a primitive piece of art using beer caps. Knowing that the local pubs were discarding tons of these items every year, we saw the opportunity to use these cast-offs as an art medium.
We started out with basic fish, and then branched out to other forms of sea life. These became more popular in our local Virginia craft fairs and most of our friends and family now have “Beach House Bottlecap Art” hanging in their homes. 

We continued our full time professions and now also work from our garage workshop as”bottle cap artisans”.
We have had many trials and errors along the way, and still continue to make changes in our designs and techniques to give you the best possible quality in our art.
Our specialties are Fish, Mermaids, Turtles, Crabs and Starfish. These items work best with bottlecaps as scales and skin.

We are always open to special requests… Just ask.

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